Bjorn Dunkerbeck presents VARGAS / Gran Canaria

Vargas is the easterweek´s worldcupspot. It is the beach which takes the most windsurfers because the bay is 4-5 km long. If you come here for the first time try to start further right (more downwind) because the wind there is less gusty and the wave is a little bit more forgiving.

The wave breaks on a sandbank and is surfable in heights between 1 and 3 meters. The wind comes from side/offshore to sideshore and can be gusty on the inside. Therefore the wind is more steady downwind in the bay.

Vargas is also a favourite spot for local surfers. So if your wavesailing experience is not that good yet, you better stay downwind of the local parking spot to avoid collisions with the more experienced wave sailors. The bay is big enough and there is plenty of space for all.

Vargas works best on regular trade winds with north-east direction.

And now let´s have a look at some action shots from Vargas:

    Sequence: Wave Backside 360

Photo 1: For the backside 360º it is best to have side or side-onshore winds! Aim for the part of the wave where it is breaking, float on top of the wave "floater" then you have to push on the sail and slide on the wave!

Photo 2: While sliding with the wind from the other side be careful that the wind doesn't "throw the sail in your face".

Photo 3: Almost around still sliding, get ready for the wind to come back into the sail.

Photo 4: The wind is back in the sail and you should be ready to come down with the whitewater!

Photo 5: Ready to go on. If you made it this far, you should be stoked, not many windsurfers do this move!

Bjorn, Aerial   Bjorn, Backloop

Bjorn, Cutback

Bjorn, nonhanded Backloop

Dario, Backloop   Gerald, Tabletop

Orjan, Backloop

Bjorn, down the line

Equipment used by Proof Riders:

Proof Rip-line 254
NeilPryde Search 5.0

Proof Wave-line 252
North Instinct 4.5

Proof Wave-line 252
Ezzy Wave 4.7

Proof Wave-line 252
NeilPryde Search 5.0

Reinhard Müller / IMAGE FACTORY